Week 9
Not Much Happened but I wanted to make an update...

My friend whose sander I was using took it back for a while, so until I get it back, dont expect much.

But...I did have some epoxy sitting around so I tested it on the sanded area on the front of the boat. In the vicinity of the bowstop, I will need to completely finish the boat as I need to the bottom before it goes back on the trailer. The epoxy works great...you can see runs in this picture because I used a brush instead of the rollers I have for the main portion.

I also tried it out on the front hatch with even better results, although it definitely reduces the anti slip tread depth, so I will probably need to sprinkle in some of that grip stuff when I do it on the boat. Not pictured, I also cleaned the metal on one side of the keel and epoxy sealed it. I will probably go on and fill that for next week. After that, I will need to get a couple friends to help me flip it over now to do the other side, then do it and stand it on end to do the crest.

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