Week 5
Address the Crack

Not too much happened on the project this week once again. I have been working on the ChE car and midterms and whatnot. I was able to get the crack half repaired and some of the hardware off.

This was a very messy job, as I anticipated it to be. I made the mistake too of making too much fast-hardening epoxy. Bad idea. For the second time since I have been working on boats I ended up with a hot steaming blob of epoxy. For the next bacth I made it 100% slow hardner. You can see I filled the chunks and glassed one coat over them. The crack has 3 layers over it on the outside. I went in on the inside with some warm epoxy and poured it in the crack from the inside after glassing. The hull is very thick here, and I think it did not make it all the way to the bottom. That means that there is probably a partial void towards the bottom. Using epoxy though, this small void should not be a significant problem, as it is not as prone to osmosis.

Not much to show besides that. I got off some of the hardware, none of the sailing bits yet though. Perhaps I will have them off next time. Once again this will be another slow week due to the AIChE conference in 2 weeks and midterms.

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