Week 4
The Sanding Begins

Not too much happened on the project this week once again. Excepting saturday. I had two friends help me with sanding the bottom paint. We sanded for about 1.5 hours and got about 24sqft of the bottom sanded and about 1 side sanded. There is still about 7/8 or so of the bottom left to paint.

Here you see the blisters, now years old that we sanded through.

That is the line where the bottom paint sanding stopped, about a foot after the tight part of the trunk, which is about halfway down the boat. It is only this far on one side.

Here is the now famous Over Keel Krack. It seems to have closed up even more since I got the keel out. I have not left much fiber exposed on the outside since the structural part of my repair will be on the inside. I will still probably put 2 layers of fiber here, and 3 inside for a total of 5 new layers plus the rebonding of the original. It should be stronger than before when I am done. Keel is on the back burner for now, but I need to take it off before it gets burnt :). I will probably not get much done again this weekend except maybe glassing one side of the crack. Who knows though...we will see.

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