Week 31
Lights, Tiller, Motor?

More final things, but boat is virtually ready to sail once I put a working motor on it.

First off is my new Ida Sailor tiller, which as you can see I had to remount the pivot bolt in a new location.

You can see here the detail of my use of 3/8 stainless tubing on the lower stop. It seems to work very well under normal load.

Here you can see my 10" sport size and price windex. After using boats with these and then a boat without I knew I had to have one.

Installed two new fairleads for the 100% jib sheeting that I have yet to complete. These are way oversized, but nice for the price.

Raised the main again to go through all the new small parts I fixed.

Installed two new perco stainless nav lights and temporarily wired them.

Worked with this engine some, but found the cooling system to be bafflingly defeated even after I sabotaged the thermostat. Ohh well I will try the 15 which is the same size and weight next.

This is almost as low as you can squat under a bridge with my system. Also you can see the new section of line I installed between the blocks and the mini mast. It has a 6200lb break strength at 3/8dia. It is a docking line type.

So I hooked up the boat after lowering and figuring out how to secure the mast.

This is my own unique way of holding the mast where it is. I used a length of chain passed through the bolt on the foot and ran it to a turnbuckle connected to the forestay chainplate. What you may not be able to see is that the mast is sitting on the mooring cleat and thus it cannot move in any direction!


NO MOTOR! Need to pick up the johnson 15 and see if it is usable in this application (if it works).

THAT PLATE! Its soo freakin low. Lower than a lowered honda civic.


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