Week 3
Paint & Replace Some Trailer Hardware

Not too much happened on the project this week. I have a convention coming up, which I am building a Fuel Cell car for and I need to pay some attention to that. I will try to get the papers notarized on this boat this week.

The paint
on this trailer has now been sprayed on with the HVLP gun @ 60psi. The paint is from sherwin-williams, and is their Industrial Enamel. I have a friend who got me about half off on it so it was only 25 for the gallon. Used a half for 2 coats.

New winch with webbing, new stainless bolt and rubber bowstop, which is a little wider than the old one.

Fulton lightweight jack. I chose the lighter jack since this boat has virtually no tounge weight. At least with the jack on there it looks like it does. For next week...hmm Fuel cell car...ahh, I have planned a super saturday sanding day where I am inviting my friends over for free food in exchange for sanding. It should be a fun way to prepare the hull for a barrier epoxy coat.

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