Week 28
Lots of stuff

Epoxied (rudder head, lazz cover, companionway V hatch, slider hatch)

On the inside I glassed the seams and put a second epoxy coat over that. I also epoxied the hull-cap junction.

Undercoated the rudder head.

Finished the epoxy on the cap and then undercoated it this weekend, followed by filling of any holes.

Another view of the undercoated cap. Hope to final coat in 2 seperate days (planes and trim).

Here you can see the frayed winch cable. If you know how to replace this cable, I would like to know.

Looking more finished. Hopefully next update she looks ripe for a maiden voyage!

This week:
Inside wood glassing. Reinstall compression post. Interior paint selection (Latex Enamel?). Deck Epoxy. Build bow pulpit and fill old holes. Level other deck holes. Sand cap. +epoxy cap, undercoater

Final coats: cap, cap non-slip planes, hatches, rudder head. Hardware: all non-running deckware. Interior: Epoxy transom before transom hardware.

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