Week 27
TTH, Red-eyes, Cap sanding, interior wood, pre-glass, some cap epoxy

Got alot done this week despite a few setbacks here and there.

I sanded all of the seperate pieces in prep for epoxy this week (rudder head, lazz cover, companionway V hatch, slider hatch)

Also, earlier this week I put the wood in and got to this point using the following process:
1. Epoxy and screw to prepared flanges.
2. Use foam filler to fill gaps between walls
3. Trim foam filler even with wood.
4. Put down a pre-coat for the fiberglass that will cover the joints.
By the way I highly recommend the 3/4 plywood. It is very strong and gives the boat a litte needed bow weight.

I also put in a thru-hull fitting in the large hole in the back of the boat. I cant think of a use for a hole in this position, but it might come in handy one day. It is an attwood polished SS 1 1/8id fitting.

Finally the trailer is complete (excepting fenders) with the addition of these nifty red-eye bearing protectors. These are just like bearing buddies except they do not require a dust cap. FYI: to get these to fit I had to file the chrome and copper layers off the mating surface. I guess when they made them they did not factor in the thickness of the plating.

Late sunday I did some of the epoxying that was needed on the cap. I epoxied the foredeck and the small rail like surfaces that follow around the cockpit. That allowed me to remove the masking today since the remaining epoxy is all internal to the boat.

Here you can see the cap edges before masking removal. Yes that is a missed spot, but its not a big deal.

Thats how she sits as of sunday night. Yes today is July 30, and the boat is not functional yet, but it is within 3 weeks of it. I knew when I set the goal date it was probably not plausable.

This week:
Inside wood. Resinstall compression post. Caulk lower side of rub rails. Hole filling/Sanding. Interior paint selection (Latex Enamel?). Deck Epoxy. +Bearing protectors and thru the hull fitting

Inside wood glassing. Reinstall compression post. Interior paint selection (Latex Enamel?). Deck Epoxy. Build bow pulpit and fill old holes. Level other deck holes. Sand cap.

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