Week 26
Clean Cap, Bow Eye, Kiltz Wood Bottoms

Picked up a bow eye at west marine

It hasnt been sealed with silicone yet.

And also some more one part LP and some grip for the decks. I got two quarts. Hope its enough.

I also coated the bottom side of all my new plywood panes with Kilz Premium, which contains agents to seal and mildew protect the wood should water get below it.

I also sponged all the dust off the entire boat.

Now that its all clean I can sand it.

This Week: Inside wood. Reinstall compression post. Clean cap prep for sanding, maybe sanding and selected hole filling. Order cap paint and interior paint.

Inside wood. Resinstall compression post. Caulk lower side of rub rails. Hole filling/Sanding. Interior paint selection (Latex Enamel?). Deck Epoxy.

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