Week 25
Sand and Epoxy Inside, Final hull coat

Painted in the morning

But I took the picture late tonight. Yeah theres a bug there as are several other. It looks good except i ran in several places and I plan to address that with some careful sanding 220-300-600-1200-2000-3000grits. After 3000 grit it should be just barely hazy and should clay/wax out.

On the inside I epoxied everything except the rear bilges and the cap-hull joint area, which I plan to epoxy after I caulk the rubrail on the outside. I dont want epoxy dripping on my paint. In this area I plan to lay down some cypress towards the end of the project.

Another view of the inside. Next week wood will be here. I plan to have the wood in by tuesday night.

This is the plywood I bought. It is GP A-C sanded pine exterior grade meaning that it is not treated. I went for the 3/4 ply since it will provide absolute certainty of strength to all the parts I make with it.

Coming: Inside wood. Reinstall compression post. Clean cap prep for sanding, maybe sanding and selected hole filling. Order cap paint and interior paint.

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