Week 24
Sand and Epoxy Inside

Central's drought is over now so I could not paint.

I was able with about 2 sheets of 220grit get it sanded for the next topcoat though.

I also epoxied the ceiling including v-berth area and have prepared the rest of the cabin for sanding and epoxying this week.

I also bottom painted the rudder blade and the two patches on the bottom of the boat as well as the bottom of the keel today.

I will buy and install my new plywood after i epoxy everything in the cabin. There is one peice here on the rased portion of the floor.

And the rest here on the v-berth. I will support it with 2x2s ripped from treated 2x4s. I plan to use 3/8 plywood like OEM did.

Coming: Hmm will I fill the remaining hull blemishes? probably not. Will I be able to paint? not according to the current forecast. What i will try to do is get the cabin epoxied and the plywood installed. After that work is done, I will be moving on to the deck of the boat, although i would like to have the compression post in place for that.

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