Week 22 & 23
Prime & Paint

I decided to be honest and just come right out and say that is is two weeks of work...

Spent hours and hours sanding the epoxy coat down smooth and primed it with HVLP @ 55psi thinned <10% petit easypoxy undercoater. I do not recommend petit paints if you like your primer to be workable or you like your paint to dry. The primer coat did not come out well due to low thinning and high pressure. I then sanded this coat and filled 47 areas with marine filler and sanded.

I also got inside with my dust mask and sanded the v-berth area ex the ceiling. I also sanded most of the galley area ceiling. I will work in here more while the paint dries this week.

This morning painted on a topcoat petit easypoxy one part LP thinned 15% at 40psi. Most areas look very good. I ran in one place and was too light in a couple. Thats fine though since this coat will be sanded. You can see it is a big improvement over rolling this paint. I did notice a couple areas that will need to be filled more before the final coat. This paint is phobic of any small hole and wont fill them in; it instead moves away from them. As I said earlier, if you like your paint to dry in a reasonable amount of time, dont use petit.

Coming: Still havent done that little bit of bottom paint work, suppose I will do that next time I have my dusty clothes on. This week also plan to re-mask and sand this coat with 220grit and do some light filling in a couple places. I hope it does not rain next weekend. On the inside I will try to get the entire cabin sanded and start epoxying in preparation for some woodwork.

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