Week 21
Back on the Trailer

Its two weeks in one this week, maybe i should have called it 21&22.

The keel was sanded and painted with bottom paint 2 coats and the hardware installed and the bolt test fit and oiled.

Man this thing is ugly looking. I pulled out the rudder blade and sanded and epoxied it in prep for some work before the next time i take out bottom paint.

Well after about an hour muscleing the keel around we got it into this position ready to be put back into the trunk. Definitely a minimum 2 person job: one to hold it upright and the other pivoting the light end.

After that got the boat back on the trailer by reversing the process used to get it off somewhat. It was alot smother than when i took it off the trailer.

And she's masked ready for epoxy on the sides as soon as the threat of rain dies down.

Coming: Well i need to manage my time well now so I will need to sand the two patches on the bottom of the boat and the keel that need epoxy so they can be epoxied at the same time as the upper part. Then it will be sanding and undercoating of the sides of the boat and bottom paint on the keel and bare patches on the bottom.

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