Week 20
Slip Resistant

In two weeks of prepwork i sanded, epoxied, and faired everything within 6" of the water line. This will allow me to sand near the waterline without disturbing my bottom paint line.

Its looking a little junky, mostly thanks to family, but some of it is me. I kept the water line straight, possibly more than before although it is 1" above the old line. Needless to say there will be some bottom paint above the water.

The paint is not completely dry in this picture, thats why there are glossy areas. I just rolled on some of West marine's bottom shield hard antifouling. During this week I will get that trunk cleaner than it is and paint it as well as the keel itself.

Well I guess this is the first view of the finished keel repairs. It looks good down at the bottom and gets rougher as you go to the top. I dont think it will be any drag problem considering that part is in the trunk. It also looks worse than it is because of the light angle.

Coming: Paint keel and trunk, reinstall keel and keel winch (have to buy one), put on the trailer.

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