Week 19
Trailer Finished

Well, since I will resume work on the boat in two weeks, I decided to get-r-done and get the trailer ready for the boat.

New springs, new u bolts, new shackles and stainless/brass hardware. Yeah, I dont like rust. It took burning on the old bolts with a torch to get them out.

Here it is complete (without fenders) I have the fenders, but one of the supports is bent and refuses to bend back. The bunks are treated 2x8s at about 14ft. I will probably add some center support. The lights were moved to the frame (probably illegal) and they are inadequate since they do not include the triple markers on the bottom.

Ahh nice to see at least one part of the job completely done. (well i do still need to put some old tire in the V where the keel sits.)

Coming: When I return, the first task will be sanding the bottom again as well as the keel and bottom coating them. I have decided that the boat may be put in a slip at some point in its life so better do it now. After that is done I will install the keel and keel winch and put the boat on the trailer.

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