Week 17
The Keel Deal V

Back on track!

After filling the rest of the crack, I then put a sanded fiberglass thin fill on the outside to help in smoothing. I am just about finished with the cheap resin then its back to epoxy.

Then, using the come-along above the keel on the rafter to upturn the keel. I strapped it to the post on the other end to keep it up until I am done with the bottom completely. Then it will be back to each side for final smoothing. You can see here that I spend some time today mainly filing the fill down to something like the origional profile. It is very strong and I hit it with the file to test and it all seems good. Im sure this keel will hit crab traps and oyster reefs (in addition to the trailer) so it has to be tough.

Closer view of the fill shows that next weekend I should have it smoothed with epoxy ready to move back to the sides.

Coming: Long range keel plan: finish smoothing bottom crack and up-facing side. Flip and smooth other side, then sand for epoxy coat, undercoat, and paint. Re-install.

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