Week 16
The Keel Deal IV

This is a compilation of two weeks of work working around katrina and all the clean-up and a week with no power.

I filled and put a layer of glass mat on the keel before winching it up before the hurricane. As I winched it up, I stood on it and it did not even budge. It has really re-unified the wood and metal as well as the trailing edge.

Now the keel is back over on side two after the hurricane, for repairs and final smoothing on this side. Here you see the first filler and glass mat layers.

I have jammed the hole between the lobes full of fiberglass, wood fibers and resin. I must make this part strong because it sits on the cradle here. I will fill this some more.

Coming: Long range keel plan: finish smoothing bottom crack and up-facing side. Flip and smooth other side, then sand for epoxy coat, undercoat, and paint. Re-install.

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