Week 14
The Keel Deal II

I spent about an hour amid the ruacus getting the new 4-wheeler ready for next weekend and fixing an old tractor.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were taken at twilight. This one shows a litle clamp rig to reglue the skin to the wood substrate here in the upper keel. This is where space is tight so I cant spare the space taken up by simply filling the gap.

Here you can see some epoxy-based filler in the larger cracks and the end of where I chipped it off. You can also see where I sanded the edge down a little along the whole keel.

Here is the other side, complete with its own crack and as you can see, the backbone of the keel chose this side so there is lots of filling to be done here.

Coming: Next week I am going to help with a set up day at the new camp to do some 'letrit and plumbin' work. I may get to do a little work wednesday and sunday.

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