Week 11
No more Bottom Paint, Enter new Paint

Since I won't be able to get to it again for at least 2 more weekends, I did alot:

First of all, I finished removing the bottom paint! Then I epoxied the whole hull below the water line. It will be ready for paint next week, but will not recieve it until 3 weeks from now.

Still have not done anything with the keel, but that's what it looks like right now, just some shiny epoxied steel on one side.

That is problem number two on the keel, the giant crack.

You can still see the old crack through the re-poxied fiberglass. Which reminds me, I still have not filled in a couple of the holes in the bottom...I may just use bondo on them since they are not all the way through.

I also added a speaker and extended a wire out to it from the other side of the barn so I can here my work-tunes better. :)


Fresh paint! I first sanded and washed the week cured epoxy, then painted the black stripe with industrial enamel, then masked over it and applied undercoater and the final paint.

The paint is not totally smooth once you get close up, but it looks good from far away, and that's what really counts. The striping method I used makes a very sharp and clean line. I look forward to doing the rest of the boat using the same method, except maybe using conventional spray instead of rolling, and possibly applying an acrylic clear coat above the water line if I feel like spending.

In three weeks: Look for paint on the entire bottom up to the water line. After that, I MUST start fixing the keel. After that I will fix the trailer and place the boat back on the trailer and fix the previously blocked areas.

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