Week 10

Decided to just suck it up and go and get some sanding pads for the mouse so I can finish sanding. But for this week I did a couple things.

Here you can see the hatch bottom side freshly undercoated. That is an unground surface that the epoxy has for the most part annihilated the paint chips.

This is the top of the same hatch which was undercoated last weekend. The entire boat will be given the same treatment as this hatch. Each step will have a week between.

I wanted to do something that didn't involve sanding so I also bought some pan liners and blue tape. Next you will see what I have done with it.

I sanded everything in front of the first support such that it was ready for epoxy.

Then I epoxy coated it! Man, I really have to recommend rollers for this too. It takes a good bit just to wet the roller, but after that the roller evenly distributes the epoxy. It has gotten a little more glossy since this picture too. Next week I will sand and undercoat this, AFTER I sand the LAST part of the bottom paint. GET 'ER DONE!

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