Week 1
Scrub & Lift

Using bleach sprayed on at 1/2 power then rinsed and scrubbed with a pumiced cleanser, I was able to remove all of the mildew, dirt, and paint chalk on the outside of the boat. Let down the mast and set it out in the yard. Here is what is looks like clean:

Looks more like a $700 boat now!

Also, I got the boat up on its supports and off the trailer. I first got the front up by using the beam from the back to hold up the boat while I lined up the front beam. Then I simply lowered the front of the boat, then jacked up the back of the trailer to get the back beam in. I have the front just sitting on the board with no v support. I hope this boat can handle that.

Lets get Keel...

This is definitely this boats worst problem. The keel is still at the boat at the end of this week. Not what I hoped. The rust was larger at the top that the bottom, so I will have to expand the existing hull crack to get it out. I think that when I get it out the crack should close about 50% of the way. I looked closely at it today, and luckily it is fully repairable. Instead of cracking up the trunk, it cracked down the edge of the trunk, to all cracked areas are easy to get to. My first task of next week will be to get that keel all the way out and relieve the stress!

A 575# monster of a problem.

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