Maiden Voyage
Lake Maurepas, LA

Took the boat out this summer to Lake Maurepas to try it out. People really dont sail on Lake Maurepas much, and this is why:

You have to go under a bridge to get to it! But that is what the mast raising system is for. The boat did not leak a drop, which suprised me. Very smooth under power in calm water and no wake at speed. In rougher water, it was rough under power, but that seems to be what all sailboats are like from my experience.










Here you see us under way to the lake after finishing rigging the boat.



I believe we were still under engine power here, about to set sail under main only.

Later on put up the "100%" jib, which does not really appear to fill 100% of that gap. Boat sailed very nicely with this set up though. Got some good heel a couple times and the boat felt solid.

One of my crew felt comfortable enough with the boat that he sat on the bow without rails almost the whole time.

Winds - 5-12kts

Waiting for the right opportunity to go again right now. Also exploring the idea of selling her to the right buyer who wants to finish out the inside. [I indeed did find a buyer who brought the boat to Texas]

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